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7 Pros and 7 Cons of Audiobooks


7 Pros and 7 Cons of Audiobooks

I merely finished my first audiobook. Plus it was an experience worth sharing:

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I used to be reading reviews and websites and tweets about Seth Godin's newest book, Linchpin. Went to a few bookshops going to work/home; it was not available. Therefore i visited to acquire one. I had been at Amazon after having a long time, and was surprised to see the options available: Kindle (ebook download), hardcover, paperback, audio CD and audio download. Audio download appeared to be the best option so I checked against each other. I had to spend to - an Amazon company, where a sound download was being offered just for USD7.49 once you get your membership! I registered, paid the bucks, downloaded the novel, and started hearing it straight away! The rewards:

1. It's fast. I was paying attention to it after just a couple of clicks in short while.
2. It's cheap. Book versions were USD13-25.
3. It's convenient. I copied the file to my iPhone to listen in doing my commute from work.
4. It's safe. A copy each on my own computer, iPhone and backup is likely to last (damage-free) provided that I wish.
5. It requires no space. So less clutter. No worries about if they should keep, sell off, recycle or give-away.
6. It's environment-friendly. No paper, ink, chemicals.
7. It's comfortable. For somebody who spends time and effort before computers or books, this is a good break to the eyes. It is possible to listen while standing, walking or resting.

And the disadvantages:

1. You will need technology - computer, Access to the internet, applications like iTunes, and power supply
2. You will need a handheld device to optimize using audiobooks - iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player
3. You will need a charge card for online purchase
4. You can't share. I like giving away my books to a person who might enjoy/benefit. Most audiobooks cannot be shared on multiple computers/accounts.
5. You simply can't refer as easily. I prefer to go back to particular passages in my favorite books for inspiration/information/sharing. In audiobooks, it is possible to fast-forward to chapters yet it's hard to visit the exact passage you are searching for.
6. You'll be able to lose it easily - if you do not have a very good backup system.
7. You become anti-social. The likelihood of interesting conversations with strangers greatly diminish if you bypass with headphones inside your ears.

On balance, It depends on yourself, circumstances and in many cases the type of book you need to read. Please take a few minutes to talk about your views through comments: Maybe you have tried an audiobook? If not, would you like to? How many other positives and negatives could you consider?

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